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Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Your eyebrows frame your face and can not only change your expression but provide a younger looking appearance. Eyebrows that are curved away from the nose will result in an appearance of sadness or insecurity. On the other hand, brows that dip down too far at the bridge of the nose, will cast an angry or annoyed expression. So, besides keeping sweat and debris out of your eyes, they do quite a bit more than you think. Our appearance is the first thing that people see (and, yes, creates their first impression of you even before you speak).

Most people are familiar with Micro-blading which is a technique used to tattoo pigment imitating hair strokes where there may be sparse eyebrows or missing eyebrows all together. It's a great way to create the appearance of darker more defined eyebrows. Having lush brows creates an illusion of a more youthful healthy appearance.

Micro-shading is also a great way to add depth to already existing eyebrows. Micro-shading best describes the technique of adding shading or depth. This is accomplished by placing small points of pigment to fill in-between the hairs. The results are soft and powdery, while adding a background to hairs that you may already have or to slightly change the shape and angles of your eyebrows.

Marrying the two techniques can also be done which results in a beautifully defined brow. This is a permanent procedure and you need to be committed to plucking any stray hairs, if they appear, and to get touch-ups when needed. The results and how long they last depend a lot on your age and skin type. But, on average, the results will last about a year. The younger the skin and the oilier the skin, the sooner a touchup will be needed. This is due to our fantastic largest organ.

Permanent makeup gets pushed out from the process of our skin getting rid of foreign substances. The younger you are the faster this happens. So those of us that, when we were teenagers and twenty-somethings, plucked every hair out of our brows except for a very thin line, are generally good candidates for Micro-blade and shade. Younger people can also get great results, but may need touch-ups much sooner. Men get this done, too!!

Anyone who has had these techniques done, please share your experience and include pictures if you would like, but please do not mention who or what company did your brows, because I don't want my site/blog to bash anyone's work. And feel free to ask questions. If I don't know the answer, I will find the answer for you.

And, as I always say - USE SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY!

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