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A pretty woman mirror image reflecting back to the visitor.
Enhance your already beautiful reflectionreflection
  1. Free video or phone consultation: this step is necessary for both me and my clients/patients. This helps me to find out what procedure you are looking for and if you will be a good candidate for the procedure. This also provides you with time to get to know me and to ask questions about the process/procedure. 

  2. We will email to you the required forms that need to be completed and signed prior to the start of the procedure. 

  3. When we receive the completed forms, we will schedule your procedure and I will obtain a deposit. 

  4. Day of your procedure: We will go over your forms again to make sure nothing was missed and we'll talk about aftercare.

  5. "Before" pictures are taken of the procedure area. (Your face and nothing personally identifiable will be in the photos) 

  6. We will decide on the pigment colors to use.

  7. Topical anesthetic will be applied.

  8. I will draw or apply the outlines of the design so that you can approve the size and shape depending on what procedure you chose.

  9. After the topical anesthetic has been on the work area long enough, I will begin the tattoo. Please note that you can ask for a break at any time to stretch your legs and/or use the rest room. 

  10. At the end of the tattoo session, "after" pictures are taken. We will go over aftercare again and schedule a followup appointment. 

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