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What Lies Beneath...

What we see when we look at our skin is just a simple decorative covering. Kind of like the wrapping paper on a present. But do you know how un-simple a/k/a complicated our outer cover really is?

Our outer cover does so much for us and, for the most part, besides the natural aging process, the damage that is done to our skin is generally self inflicted. Swimming, all day, every day, in the Summer without sunscreen at all or without applying it often enough, is probably what started this 57 year old blogger to begin to age prematurely - well, laying in a tanning bed to get my "starter" tan each Spring probably played a major role, as well, in the photo-aging process for me.

In my late high school and college years, days spent at the beach coated with baby oil, while smoking cigarettes, really accelerated the free radical proliferation in my skin. But, I finally got smart about my health and my skin's health and stopped smoking and started using sunscreen in my early twenties. Although, the sunscreen application schedule could have been better, at least I did it here and there and especially at the beach or a pool party. Now, at 57, sunscreen and skin hydration activities are a daily part of my skin care routine.

However, the damage has been done but I slowed it down considerably. Having recently had melanoma, I see my dermatologist every six months or sooner if a self inspection reveals anything that looks suspicious to me. She usually puts my mind at ease and tells me that what I thought could be cancerous, is merely a mole or other benign mark. But she has a keen eye and will painlessly get rid of anything that she thinks looks suspicious.

Our skin does so much for us. It has a hotline to our brain via our nerves. Our skin causes us to feel pain, feel external temperatures and adjust our internal temperature accordingly. It prevents the body from too much moisture loss. It has hair follicles and sweat glands. It determines it's color by the amount of melanin it contains. The darker your skin, the more melanin you have. The skin on our fingers have unique ridges and patterns which can be used as identification because everyone has a different pattern. Our skin is constantly regenerating its cells and pushing up toxins and dead skin cells which then fall off. But, that process which was more frequent when we were younger, slows down as we age.

It is such an amazing largest organ of our body.

So, when we begin to see wrinkles, it's most likely from the damage from our youth, but we can do quite a bit to minimize the signs of aging. Visit my website to see some ways we can make our skin and thus, our appearance, more youthful.

And, as I always say - USE SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY!

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