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Due to the absence of natural hair, we duplicated the shape and color that the client penciled in each day. 
Since her face shape is very square, we only did a small soft arch and followed her natural brow bone. 

We went very conservative to begin with and will fill in to give a denser appearance at touch ups and continued maintenance. 

58 year old with very pale freckled skin. No eyebrow hairs.
Immediately following. pale brown eyebrow hairs in a slightly rounded curve.

The client had previous permanent eyebrows and just needed a fill in and touch up. We used the same color, which was noted on her chart and simply filled in the shape. 

This is before the client had a touchup to previously tattooed eyebrows. areas of light color need to be filled in.

The length of time needed between touchups is determined by many factors - the main one being when the client decides that one is needed. The gauge that we use is: a touchup is probably in order if the client feels the need to pickup an eyebrow pencil.

After the touchup. Improved shape and shading.

This client has mature skin that is freckled which causes her lip line to appear uneven. She wanted to define the outline of her lips with a color that is warm and flattering. 

We emphasized the cupid's bow on her top lip and placed a strong outline on both the top and bottom. 

Since lips contain a lot of "blue" in order to prevent the healed result being blue or purple, a warm "corrective" pigment needs to be mixed into the chosen pigment to reach the desired color and prevent further "bluing" and a cold result.

Pre full lip treatment. Freckles make the outline appear jagged and mottled.
Post full lip tattoo. Defined upper and lower lip with coral color.

This client is very young with a very naturally beautiful lip shape. We defined that pretty shape and filled in with a shade that will heal as a warm and natural pink. 

During the healing process, the client must be willing to drink through a straw and keep the lips as moist as possible. Color will not be retained if the lips are allowed to dry and flake. 

Also, all permanent makeup that is normally exposed to the sun, should always be covered with sunscreen - including the lips. The sun will cause the pigment to fade faster. 

Everyone should be wearing sunscreen every day - even in the Winter. 

Pre full lip session on young client with very nicely shaped lips.
After procedure, shape is defined with a warm coral that will eventually fade to a pale pink.

This client is in her fifties. She has a scar on her cupid's bow. A warm coral pigment was used due to the "blue" in her lips. 
The outline of her lips was accentuated with the attention being in the scarred area. Since this was the first session, filling in with a deeper color and pulling the color into the mouth opening can be the focus at the second session. 

This client loves boating and sunbathing so in order to keep the color as long as possible, she will wear sunscreen on her lips. 

Lifestyle is also a big factor in how long the permanent makeup color will last. Many people who swim a lot, enjoy having permanent lips and eyebrows as they don't need to reapply traditional makeup after sweating or swimming. However, they should always be applying sunscreen. 

Prior to lip color and correction of cupid bow scar.
Lined lips with a warm mauve. Correct scar in cupids bow.

3D Areola repigmentation is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that can help breast cancer survivors regain their confidence and feel more comfortable with their bodies. This procedure involves creating a realistic-looking areola and nipple using specialized tattooing techniques. It can be a option for those who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery and want to complete the look of their breasts. 

The before picture at the top is approximately 2 years after the initial areola and nipples were tattooed. As with all permanent makeup tattoos, the designs fade over time. The bottom photo is immediately following the touchup. 

Prior to a 3D Areola touchup. Tattoos were about a year old and just needed to be darkened.
3D Areola Immediately following_edited.j

Ask about alternative areola tattoos. Hearts, flowers, vines, and other designs can be tattooed in place of a traditional areola. 

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