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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is permanent makeup? Permanent Makeup (a/k/a PMU) is the cosmetic and corrective technique that uses tattooing to enhance a person’s appearance or cover what is perceived as an imperfection. It is the process of putting the right color in the right place to produce the best possible results. 

How is it different from traditional tattooing? There are a few differences between permanent makeup (micropigmentation) and conventional tattoos. One is how deep the pigment is placed. Conventional tattoo ink is placed deeper into the skin. Permanent makeup is placed in between the epidermis (outer part of the skin) and the dermis (the section directly under the epidermis). Since the epidermis is constantly renewing its skin cells, permanent makeup procedures will appear dark at first and then, within the following couple of weeks, it will lighten considerably. And over the course of a few years, depending on the type of procedure, touchups are usually always required as maintenance. The fading of the design is the process of your skin getting rid of anything that is considered foreign. 


Also, permanent makeup pigments are highly regulated and information about each pigment that is used is logged onto the client/patient’s procedure notes. NuYu never uses any pigment, topical anesthetic, or needle if it has passed its expiration date. 


Is permanent makeup safe? As a certified permanent makeup specialist, I am required to use only single use disposable supplies and to wear full protective gear including a mask, eye protection, a disposable robe and gloves. I fully sanitize everything that can be touched, or used during the procedure, before and after each procedure. 


Also, the documents that you will be required fill out and sign are to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure and that you don’t have any contraindications that could jeopardize your health and safety. Some people are not good candidates for some or all of our services. If we deny a service, it is because we want the client/patient to be safe and provide them with the best possible result. 


Does it hurt? Topical anesthetics are used in order to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Some clients/patients actually fall asleep during the procedure. However, everyone feels pain differently. But NuYu makes every effort to make our clients’ experiences as comfortable as possible. 


What is the timeframe to reschedule or cancel an appointment? 48 hours. Your deposit can be refunded or applied to another appointment, if we are notified 48 hours prior to your appointment.  


What is paramedical tattooing? It is the process of using micropigmentation to restore color or correct imperfections due to accidents or burns or the absence of color. For example, recreating areolae and nipples after mastectomy. But other areas can also be recreated to appear 3 dimensional and natural. 


Is there any reason why someone should not get a cosmetic tattoo procedure? Yes, there are many reasons which include but are not limited to someone who is breastfeeding or pregnant, someone receiving cancer treatments, someone with certain skin conditions, or immune disorders such as Lupus. Some conditions may require medical clearance from a doctor. NuYu won’t do a procedure if we feel that it would be unsafe to do so. 

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