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                             PERMANENT MAKEUP


Jillian has naturally dark hair but dyes it to almost a blue black. I would never put pure black eyebrows on anyone as they can result in a gray blue healed brow. 

It's always best to start with a thinner brow as they can always be made thicker and darker at the touchup session. 

Since Jillian's face is very round, I added soft arches to produce some elongation of her face. 

Briony needed pale thin brows that complemented her fair complexion and provided interest and structure to her face. 

I chose a warm light brown and made them thin. may want to go thicker and a little darker at touchup. 

Briony enjoys swimming and doesn't wear a lot of makeup but also doesn't want to look washed out even after a swim. After getting permanent eyebrows, she may want to get a lip blush as well. 

This is me - Michele. I added fairly light eyebrows even though my natural color is pretty dark. Using black wouldn't provide an optimal result as it may heal into a blue gray color which is very unflattering. 

Using a warm dark brown frames my face nicely without looking too harsh. 

I think I would go thicker at touchup. Thicker eyebrows result in a younger appearance. 

Candice wanted her eyebrows shaped and thicker. They were shorter than she liked and she felt that thicker would give her a youthful  and less sharp appearance. 

She doesn't wear makeup but wanted her eyes to stand out more without wearing mascara or lashes.

Her hair color is natural and such a beautiful copper shade. 

We elongated her eyebrows and added some density on top of the existing eyebrows. 


If you want to try on some eyebrow shapes, send me a clear closeup of your face -

*Please note that if you send me a picture of yourself, you are allowing me to manipulate the photo to create eyebrows and you are allowing me to use the photo/video on social media. 

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