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Creases and Folds and Lines, Oh My!

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Are wrinkles just a natural part of aging? Yes, but we don't have to sit back and do nothing about them. There are actually several types of wrinkles. They come in lots of shapes and forms and are caused by things other than just the loss of collagen that comes with aging.

First, it's important to know that, yes, as we age, we lose collagen and skin cell production slows. This is natural. Genetics also play a role in this natural aging process.

But, sun exposure, pollutants and smoking also break down collagen, allowing wrinkles in our skin to become more apparent as life goes on.

Dynamic wrinkles are those that we cause when we smile, frown, and squint. When we express ourselves through making our face move in the same way over and over, wrinkles form in those areas and gravity forms folds over time. But don't stop smiling to try to avoid them! Sun exposure causes these to become deeper. So, AS I ALWAYS SAY, WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY!

Wear sunglasses when outside so you don't squint and if you need prescription glasses or contacts, get them and wear them so you're not squinting or frowning all the time. Did you know that the way you sleep causes wrinkles, too? If you sleep on your side, the same side every night, and scrunch your face in your pillow, you could be causing wrinkles on the scrunched up side. And, women, you could be causing wrinkles to appear on your décolletage (upper chest) without even knowing it, if you're a side sleeper.

Static wrinkles are delicate and shallow - caused by - you guessed it! Sun exposure! These show up over time and are there no matter whether we smile, frown or squint.

Permanent elastic creases or wrinkle folds are deep lines in a natural crease - caused by or worsened by? You guessed it! Sun exposure! (And smoking)

But, all is not lost, if you were a sun worshipper like I was in my younger years. There's a plethora of wrinkle solutions on the market. And if you talk to your dermatologist or if you see a plastic surgeon, there's quite a bit that they can do for you, too. If you're close to our office, contact Dr. Julia Spears for a consultation. There's so much that she can do to diminish and erase wrinkles that is inexpensive and non-invasive. She is fantastic!

Reply to this blog if you have seen diminished wrinkles with the use of a certain product or process. We all want to know what might work for us without having to buy and try every product on our pharmacist's shelf.

There is a common thread in this blog and you're never too old to slow the process - AS I ALWAYS SAY, WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY!

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