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Image by Martin Péchy

My Credentials:

* AAM Certified Permanent Makeup Specialist
* HIPAA Compliance Certification
* Advanced Areola Certification
* Advanced Scar Camouflage Certification
* Advanced Scalp Micropigmentation Certification
* Advanced Microblading Certification
* CPR/AED Certification
* Blood Bourne Pathogens and Infection Control Certification 
* Visual Communications Art Degree
* American Cancer Society "Road to Recovery" Volunteer Driver

My Story:

Paramedical Micropigmentation Certified

Having breast cancer and subsequent mastectomy, I know, first hand, what it's like to feel "incomplete". After my surgery, I had two reconstructed breast mounds but they lacked areolae and nipples.

Getting my 3D areolae and nipples gave me a feeling of completeness. And, when I tell people that I'm glad I got cancer, they are shocked. But it's true because if I hadn't I wouldn't have found this amazing career and started an exciting new chapter in my life. And I wouldn't be doing something which is so rewarding. I love making others feel good.

I am uniquely qualified to do these beautifying procedures as I hold a college degree in illustration and graphic design. Art has always been in my life and I'm so happy that I have this outlet in which to showcase my creative side. 

Contact me so we can talk about what I can do for you!

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